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Veil or Not to Veil? That's a Real Question.

When you picture your wedding day, do your dreams consist of a dress, a groom, and some flowers? Or do you see a long flowing veil, made of tulle, trimmed in lace with crystals moving with you as you walk down the aisle? While the good people of today may ask, “Why am i wearing a veil?”; I thought it would be helpful to share a little bit of the tradition behind the veil and why it may (or may not) be the best choice for you on your wedding day!

While there are many origins of the veil, many share the same meaning. The veil is a symbol of reverence and respect. Back to victorian times, it was seen as a status symbol. Your status in life was measured by how long, how heavy, and how intricate your veil was. Royal families were known for having the longest veils and trains. In traditional settings of the last fifty years, the veil has been known as a sign of purity to complement the purity of a white dress. Some weddings of today choose a veil to cover the head in show of respect and union of the religion, location, or family during the wedding ceremony. Whatever the tradition or choice may be for choosing a veil, here are a few modern updates why choosing a veil may be the choice for you.

PHOTOS: On your Pinterest board, do you have one of the hundreds of images saved of beautiful photographs involving veils. If not, here is a photo that is swoon worthy enough to don even the longest of veils for images such as this.

ACCESSORIZE: Every girl needs the perfect accessory to complement her special dress. Why couldn’t that accessory be a veil with lace that perfectly matches her dress? Even while dress shopping, all it takes to make a bride confident in her choice of dress, is to see what it could look like at its fullest potential (i.e. Veil, jewelry, tears from mom, etc.)

THEME: While tradition may not be your thing, veils are a great help in complementing the theme of your wedding. Having a big church wedding? A cathedral veil ensures that all eyes are on the bride. Is your venue in a garden, with greenery as your theme? A fingertip veil with floral lace detail will only emphasize the look you are going for.

If you are looking for a veil that just may be right for you, come visit us at Blush Bridal where we have a great assortment of veils to meet your bridal needs.

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Blythe Elizabeth Photography


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