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Finding The Dress: One Bride's Bittersweet Journey To Saying Yes

A few weeks ago, on a pretty typical day at Blush, Summer, Blush Bridal Store Manager and Consultant was busy replying to bridal appointment inquiries when one email caught her off guard. A bride named Emily messaged us with a special and moving request. Emily opened the email with an emotional backstory about losing both of her parents within a few years of each other. What was supposed to feel like the happiest time of this bride's life felt daunting and overwhelming. Emily knew she wanted the special experience of saying "yes to the dress" but knew she might need some space and extra support during her appointment.

That's when Summer stepped in with words of comfort, empathy and a great solution to offer Emily a memorable and private bridal appointment that would set this bride's heart at ease! Read below as Emily shares her touching story; a story we know many brides will relate to as they search for their own dream dress.

Pre-Bridal Appointment Nerves

Tell us a little about your concerns, fears, and experiences you had going into your bridal appointment that made you anxious about finding your dress.

I was not excited and felt incredibly anxious to shop for a wedding gown. I lost my momma, Theresa, to breast cancer in 2016 and my daddy, Merle, died in 2018 due to complications related to a kidney infection. I was close with both of my parents so wedding planning, in general, has been very difficult without them. My mom was my absolute best friend so dress shopping without her felt impossible.

A few of my friends purchased their gowns from Blush and recommended I start there. I made an appointment online for a Saturday in November & in the “add message” section, I wrote a note explaining my losses and my anxiety to shop for a dress without my mom. I inquired about possibly making two appointments in case I felt too overwhelmed or emotional to shop on the day of my appointment. I received an email from Blush’s manager, Summer, offering a private appointment on a weeknight to ensure a controlled environment where I would feel comfortable getting emotional.

The private appointment would also prevent me from witnessing other mothers & daughters sharing special moments. Summer also ensured that she would be my consultant and would do whatever I needed in order to feel comfortable. After reading her message, I knew my heart would be safe with her and Blush Bridal.


Emily and her fiancé, Kevin

Processing Grief and Embracing New Joy

The night of my private appointment, my stepmother, Mary, & I went to Blush. While Summer was getting us some champagne, I felt a wave of overwhelming grief and started sobbing. When Summer came back, she already knew why I was crying. I did not need to explain myself and she did not ask me to. She simply hugged me, sat with me, held my hand and even asked if I wanted to pray together. I could immediately feel my heart lightening; at this point, I was able to relax and enjoy shopping for my wedding dress.

The kindness and understanding that I was shown throughout my entire experience at Blush Bridal is just on another level. When I tried on my first dress and thought it was the one (it wasn’t) & started crying (for the third because my mom would never see me in my dress, Summer just hugged me. She comforted me by reminding me that my mom was sharing in this moment with us, and again, I could feel my heavy heart lightening.

When Your Bridal Consultant Knows Her Stuff

When did you know your dress was the one? Tell us about that process.

While trying on dresses, it was obvious to us that Summer knew the inventory very well. I could describe a certain look and she pulled a dress for me. When I started trying dresses on, Summer was able to describe how the dress would look when it was the correct size and how alterations could be made if I desired. Additionally, she listened to all of my feedback about dresses to guide me towards others I may like better. She kept me feeling comfortable and confident throughout the entire process!

Towards the end of my appointment, I was considering a few dresses. I mentioned I liked something about one dress, another thing about the second dress, and a different thing about a third and so on. Summer returned with a gown she thought I should try.

She described how this gown had a few of the key features I was looking for. I decided to try it on last and 'Oh. my. Goodnessssss', it was my dress! I have never felt more beautiful than when I had that dress on. I just had this gut feeling that this was my dress. And as Summer put a veil on me, one of my favorite songs (Build My Life) started playing in the salon and I just felt even more confident that this was MY dress! When I left that night, my heart was in a completely different place than where it was at the start of the appointment!

I went back that Saturday with my stepmom, my MOH, and two future sisters-in-law to show them my gown and officially said YES! Before leaving my second appointment, I made sure to hug Summer & get a picture with her!

This experience was unlike anything I could have ever imagined. I went into this experience expecting to only feel sadness for those who could not be with me & instead I was blessed with the loving support of a stranger that now feels more like a friend. I just could not be more thankful to Summer and Blush Bridal! With your support I was able to have a great experience instead of a bittersweet one! From our very first contact to this moment writing this message, I have had one of the greatest experiences of my life.

We are truly touched by Emily's story and our hope is that her experience reaches other brides-to-be who might be in similar situations. Emily, thank you for being vulnerable and willing to share your beautiful story with us. We are so honored to have helped you find the perfect dress for your special day and we cannot wait to see your wedding photos!

Bride of Blush, have a story you'd love to share with us about your process finding the dress? DM us on our Facebook or Instagram to get started!

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