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Photographer Spotlight: Katherine Zell Photography

Hello Blushing Brides!

Next to wedding dress shopping, wedding photography is one of the next big things to tackle on your list! But nowadays, how do you choose the photographer that is right for you and your wedding? Ever wish you knew more about them before having to commit to a photographer?

Every once in a blue moon, we would like to introduce you to a special photographer in the Central PA area to showcase local vendors we like to support.

This week, our special guest is owner and photographer of Katherine Zell Photography. Katherine is a wedding and lifestyle photographer residing in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. She has recently branched off into her own business, but she is not without experience as she has had many opportunities throughout her career to work with top photographers and companies in venues up and down the east coast. Check out our interview with Katherine to learn more about the person behind the camera!

Blush Bridal : Katherine, how did you get into photography?

Katherine: I had always played around with my dads cameras when I was younger, but it wasn't until I was in my first semester of college that I took the plunge to pursue photography. I took the typical film and digital photography classes in high school and loved every aspect of them but never thought it was something I could make a career out of. I felt that going to college was the right move after high school, but I had absolutely no idea what I wanted to do as a career for the rest of my life. While attending a bible college, I began photographing more of my friends and my day to day life. I lugged my camera with me everywhere and it was during that time that I realized where my heart was. I then moved back home and transferred to Pennsylvania College of Art & Design where I received my degree in photography. While in school I shadowed and learned from some amazing lifestyle and wedding photographers and something just clicked (no pun intended). Photography was that perfect combination of the things that I was passionate about and that also brought me joy. Since graduating, I have worked for and learned from many talented and successful photographers, but it wasn't until last October that I finally made the leap in starting my own photography business.

Blush Bridal: What style of photography do you specialize in?

Katherine: I am a total fan of natural light! Especially Golden Hour! Just give me that right-before-sunset-glow and I'm a happy camper! But I do have flash as well and work hard to make any lighting situation beautiful. I also like to mix "candid posing". I'm not sure if there is an actual name for that, but basically what I mean is I like to give some direction when it comes to setting a couple up for portraits, but then its the way they fall into each others arms, or the way their faces come together, that I cannot get enough of and could not stage even if I tried.

Blush Bridal: What are some of your favorite venues to shoot at?

Katherine: The country girl in me will always love any barn venue or place with a great view and lots of greenery, but I also love the not-your-typical venue as well. If a place has meaning to a couple, or it describes who the couple is, then that's what makes a venue great.

Blush Bridal: What is your favorite part of a wedding

day to shoot?

Katherine: My favorite part of a wedding day, that's a tough question! I love when a groom sees his bride for the first time, or the moments between friends and family, and of course when I get to take the bride and groom and escape from the reception for some golden hour/sunset portraits. The dancing can be pretty entertaining too. I also really love getting to know my couples! I truly celebrate alongside them as they begin the wonderful adventure of marriage!

Blush Bridal: Finally, what are some of the things that you offer in your photography packages?

Katherine: I have several packages that all differ from one another and aim to meet any couples needs. My packages all include a second photographer for the day, a USB with the edited files, the rights to their images and the ability to use them however they like, as well as some other fun surprises Two of my packages also include an engagement session, but one can always be added to any package.

We hope that you all enjoyed this special feature of wedding photography spotlight! Check out more photography as well as pricing and packages at:


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