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CAMA: Support for a Hurting World.

Hello Blushing Brides!

We are so excited to share with you an opportunity our store has in the upcoming months! For the months of October and November, a portion of all our proceeds will be given to CAMA: Compassion and Mercy Associates. When you come in to buy a wedding dress, a veil, bridesmaids dress, or moms dress; we will be donating to this organization which is helping to relieve and rebuild in Puerto Rico, Houston, and Florida.

These places have been suffering immensely in the past months following the disaster of Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma. On August 25th, Hurricane Harvey dropped more than 50 inches of rainfall east of Houston, Texas leaving 70 people dead. More than 37,000 homes have been destroyed. In a similar fashion, Hurricane Irma has left thousands in Puerto Rico homeless and leaving millions more without power.

For more resources and information on how to help with disaster relief check out We also ask if you have time, to check out this short video on what CAMA is doing to help our down in these disaster zones.


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