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One Bridesmaid Dress to Fit Them All?

Hello Blushing Brides!

By now in your wedding planning, you have said "yes to the dress", you've chosen your dream venue, and have completed the perfect guest list! With these vital tasks behind you, it is now time to face what may seem to be one of the most daunting assignments in your wedding planning journey: choosing BRIDESMAID DRESSES!

You may have already asked your sisters, cousins, and best girlfriends to share in one of the most memorable days of your life by standing beside you as you take vows with your soon-to-be husband. If you have, then you have a number in mind of how many bridesmaid dresses you will need. Now, try to envision your favorite girls standing beside you. Do you see them dressed in one beautiful, uniformed look? Or do you see them wearing the same color palette while dawning different styles? What about body shape? Not one of your bridesmaids is shaped the same! All of these details can easily overwhelm even the calmest of brides. Below, we've listed our top three tips from the bridal industry's experts on how to choose the best bridesmaids dresses for your lovely ladies!

1. Choosing a Color: The best place to begin is by narrowing down the color your bridesmaids are going to wear. This will typically fit into the general color scheme of your wedding.There are a few different trends we have been seeing when it comes to choosing a palette that will best fit your personal style. The first option is to dress your bridesmaids in one color; a classic and uncomplicated choice. The second option is putting your Maid/Matron of Honor in a separate color that differentiates her from the rest of the bridal party; this can be an especially, beautiful aesthetic in photographs. Finally, try placing your bridesmaids in various shades of the same color! This popular option can create a unique canvas for your bridal party. An important word of advice when it comes to choosing a color-if you decide that you would like all of your bridesmaids in the same shade, be sure that they all order their dresses from the same designer so the dye lot is cohesive. This brings uniformity and saves you from a major, bridal-breakdown before the big day!

2. Think About Cost: Depending on what stage of life you are in, you may have some bridesmaids that will struggle with the cost of getting a dress. Agreeing to be your bridesmaid is a large commitment for your friends and family. It is important to be considerate and aware of what your bridesmaids' life-circumstances are and try to set a budget that is friendly to all in your party. An average bridesmaid dress can cost between $160-$220. Take into account that buying a dress is only part of the cost. Just like buying a wedding dress, a bridesmaid dress will usually need alterations done to it when it comes in. This could add between $80-$150 to the cost of the dress depending on the seamstress. Your bridal party will appreciate your thoughtfulness!

3. Think About Shape: When choosing a dress for your girls, you have to determine how this dress will look on each, unique body type! We've seen a lot of bridesmaids over the years, feeling less than confident in the bride's choice because of how unflattering the fit of their gown. It is easy to make this common mistake as a bride when you fall in love with a certain dress for your bridal party! Ask your bridal consultants for assistance in helping you find the best dress that will flatter all shapes and sizes! No matter the body-shape, there is a gown that can fit your bridal party's needs. It simply takes time and attention to detail!

We hope that these tips have helped you as you begin the search for the perfect bridesmaid dress for your best girls! This experience can be such a memorable time for you and your bridal party and we are confident that with our help, your bridesmaids will be sure to stand by your side beautiful and confident!

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