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Blush Bridal Spotlight: Olivia Farabaugh

Happy June!

Wedding season is in full swing and we are so excited for all of our brides as they approach their big day! One of our favorite things here at Blush Bridal is hearing all about our brides' weddings and seeing how beautiful they looked in their dresses! Today on our blog, Olivia Farabaugh shares about what made her wedding day so special, and how she customized her dress to be exactly what she wanted!

Can you tell us a little of your love story?

Caden and I met on an app. I was very hesitant about meeting people that way but I had a friend who was using it and kept insisting that I get on. I prayed about it for like two weeks before finally deciding to go on. Caden and I started talking that first night and he was the only guy I ended up going on a date with from the app! We played basketball and went mini golfing and I kept thinking, "there has to be a catch here". Our first date was perfect and the rest is history! I am a very blessed woman to now be able to call him my husband.

As a bride, you have many options when it comes to where you look for your wedding dress. What brought you to Blush Bridal and what was the experience like finding your dress?

I had heard a few people tell me about Blush Bridal and before going there, I had tried a few other places. I loved the experience at Blush because it wasn't overwhelming. We were explained how the boutique was laid out according to dress styles and it was just so easy.

What were your favorite details about your dress?

I LOVE the custom work that was done on my dress. I had a vision when I tired on the dress that the neckline would be more of a V cut. Summer did a beautiful job with the small detailed appliqué to make my vision come true.

Tell us about the inspiration for your flowers, decor, or any other fun details!

Caden and I did a lot of DIY projects for our wedding. We had a trail mix bar that represented the trail of our relationship. We also made custom flower pots made with the notes and lyrics from the song that I wrote for him when we first started dating. One particular project that stands out was the work we did on our centerpieces for the reception. We had family style seating so the tables were rectangular. The centerpieces sat on wood taken from my Pap's barn that he worked on as a child. The barn was over 100 years old when it was torn down, but the memories still live on in the wood that remains.That was a beautiful representation of him and his spirit at our wedding.

What was your favorite part about your wedding day?

EVERYTHING! I seriously don't think I can choose. From the moment the doors opened for my dad and I to walk down the aisle, it was just a dream!

What advice would you give to other brides as they search for their dream dress and prepare for their big day?

I would say go with your gut on everything. There are a lot of decisions to be made but don't get overwhelmed and think of it all at the same time. It will all get done and even if there are some small details that don't get completed in time, your guests won't know the difference! Also, if you can, make sure you have (at least) a day-of coordinator. Our coordinator saved the day SO many times and we didn't even know about it until after the day was over! It was amazing. Finally, if you can afford to get a videographer, it is SO worth it. Puff from 106.7 did an amazing job on our video!

(Click below to watch Olivia and Caden's wedding video)


Videographer: Ryan Downes (Puff from106.7)

Hair: Liz Allocco

Makeup: Olivia Farabaugh & Liz Allocco

Bridal Gown: Blush Bridal (Christina Wu Exclusive Line)

Bridesmaids' dresses: Davids Bridal

Flowers: Flowers from Michaels (made by Olivia, her mom, and her sisters)

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