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Blush Bridal Spotlight: Angie Mason

We cannot believe that the New Year is almost here! We have had such a wonderful wedding season getting to see our brides' photos and hearing all about their wedding days! Today, we are featuring Angie, one of the sweetest brides we've had the pleasure of working with! Her dress had some of the most unique detailing that just complimented her romantic wedding day!

Can you tell us a little of your love story?

I’ll give the Readers Digest version! I came home one night my sophomore year of college (5 years ago already!) and our mutual friend Michael was over studying with my roommate. I walk through the door and he says, "Angie! Can I make you date my friend Jeff?” And I said “Umm, I'll meet the guy, sure.” After a very awkward, yet funny, first date, it was history after that! We learned a couple weeks into our relationship that I was actually in Jeff’s apartment several times my freshman year when I became really great friends with his roommate ( Jeff was never there though).

What a small world, but we just weren’t meant to meet yet. We moved in together after I graduated college, June 17th, 2017. As we were surrounded by our closest friends and family, Jeff sent me on a scavenger hunt, ending with a proposal in our new home! Two years later, and now we are married!

As a bride, you have many options when it comes to where you look for your wedding dress. What brought you to Blush Bridal and what was the experience like finding your dress?

I knew I definitely wanted more of an intimate dress buying experience - I’ve been in so many shops where you’re just a number and a sale. I read so many positive reviews on Blush that I didn’t want to go anywhere else! I wasn’t disappointed at all. I was warmly welcomed the day of my appointment, and my consultant Grace was so lovely to work with. I could not decide on anything, and it felt like everything I tried on just wasn’t me. Grace knew exactly what I should try on - and when I did, I couldn’t believe it, because I knew that it was my wedding gown. Every other consultant we worked with, from my first fitting to pickup day, was so incredible. The experience was more than I would have hoped for!

What were your favorite details about your dress?

I loved the amount of “bling”-not too much, but enough to really catch the eye. It was also super form flattering, not too tight and easy to move and dance in!

Tell us about the inspiration for your flowers, decor, or any other fun details!

One word: Pinterest! I knew for a long time that I wanted wine color gowns for my ladies - but I really got my inspiration for the sunflowers and burgundy color from Pinterest. We also really wanted a way to incorporate our loved ones who are no longer with us into the reception. We had a table with a large picture frame of our deceased grandfathers and had our florist make up a vase with four sunflowers (one for each). My favorite, fun detail would be my reception shoes: I knew I wanted to be comfy so I had some Nike’s customized with Mrs. AMH on the back!

What was your favorite part about your wedding day?

Honestly it’s so hard to choose - but I would say just having all of my favorite people in one place celebrating and having fun was the best. There was a point where Jeff and I were standing in the back, about halfway through the reception ,and we were both smiling so hard. All we wanted was a reception where everyone had a blast, and seeing everyone dancing, toasting, and having fun was just the best!

What advice would you give to other brides as they search for their dream dress and prepare for their big day?

Never think you’re asking too much! It’s your day after all and it’s going to go so quickly. Don’t let anyone else’s opinion get in the way of what is going to make you happy . Most importantly, have fun!


Bridal Gown: Blush Bridal (Bonny)

Menswear: Mens Warehouse

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