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Blush Bridal's Guide To The Best Wedding Gowns For Every Body Type

So you're ready to shop for your wedding dress. You might already have an idea of what your bridal style is or the theme you're going with for your special day. But what about fit? How can you tell before you book that bridal appointment what dress style will best fit your body type? That question alone tends to be one of the most overwhelming parts of the wedding dress shopping experience but we're here to tell you- it doesn't have to be!

Join us as we break down the best wedding gowns for every body type so you can breathe a sigh of relief and confidently book your appointment!

Know Your Body Type

First, let's start by sharing a helpful infographic that breaks down body types. This chart broadly covers body types in general and could be helpful for you before your bridal appointment!

Looking at the chart above, see if you can identify your body type before we move onto our favorite wedding dresses in each category. If you're still unsure, you can always reach out to us on our Facebook or Instagram where we love to answer your most burning bridal questions!

The A-Line

The A-Line dress is such a versatile dress and is the most popular, for good reason. This dress flatters MANY body types but specifically best for the Apple, the Ellipse, the Athletic and the Pear. This dress style defines the waist and makes it the perfect option for your special day.

The Mermaid

The Mermaid dress flatters the curves and shows off your shape all while still allowing you to gracefully move about the dance floor all night! This style is best suited for the Pear, the Hourglass and the Diamond.

The Ball Gown

If you're looking for drama, and you're wondering if your body type can handle a ball gown, you're in luck! The ball gown flatters most figures-we'd say just be mindful if you are petite as too much gown could overwhelm your frame! The ball gown is best for the Apple, the Hourglass, the Pear, the Ellipse and the Diamond.

The Sheath

Minimalist brides, rejoice! If you're a bride who is planning a destination wedding or just likes to keep it simply elegant, the sheath is just the dress for you. The Sheath fit is ideal for the Athletic body type as a bride can add a belt to this otherwise simplistic design to define her waist and still feel comfortable! It also works well with the Hourglass and Pear body types.

These are just a few dress styles and body type suggestions. No dress is the same and no body is the same. The beauty of wedding dress shopping is that although these suggestions can be helpful when narrowing down the search, only YOU can choose what you feel the most confident and comfortable in! Let us know in the comments what style you're most drawn to. Remember to pin Blush Bridal's Body Type Guide to help you as you shop for your dream dress!

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