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Bridal Appointment Tips From A Bride's Point of View

If you've been a bride-to-be for any length of time, you might have noticed an uptick in wedding themed ads on your social media timelines. From the best undergarments, the perfect makeup, honeymoon destinations and wedding venues, just say the word "engaged" and it seems that the algorithm has already been waiting for you.

We've even written a few of our own blogs on bridal appointments over the years. But, what about hearing from a bride's POV? Although we've shared "Bride-of-Blush" Interviews on our blog before, this time, we thought it might be fun to catch the bride BEFORE her wedding day; her wedding dress shopping experience is still fresh in her mind.

That's where Kali, #brideofblush comes in! She connected with us on our Instagram and an idea was formed. She will be joining us for a two part interview. This blog will focus on her bridal appointment and then, after her wedding, she will share in a follow up blog about her special day!

Let's follow along as Kali shares her top bridal appointment tips and even some sweet, behind-the-scenes photos from her time with us.

A Bride's Perspective...

Did anything surprise you? Was there anything you didn’t know before you started to shop that you wish you had known?

Kali: I didn't realize how many accessories Blush had right at the store! I loved trying them all out.

Some dresses are customizable! You can add your own little flair with some custom options.

This is an example of bridal accessories, like this beautiful belt, that we carry in store (not Kali's gown)

What are some tips you would recommend for future brides?

Kali: Look at the dresses on Blush Bridal's Pinterest page ahead of your appointment. Doing this really helped me get an idea for what dresses were available in my price point and narrow down styles that I really liked and wanted to try on. When I got there for my appointment, I was able to show Alissa the exact dresses I wanted to try on!

Kali: Come in with a hair clip! At the time of my appointment, I hadn't settled on a hairstyle yet, but did have an idea of what I might do and having the clip allowed me to switch up my hairstyle on the fly, with each dress, to see how it might look.

Having a wonderful group of ladies with me who were super supportive in helping me make my decision, without any pressure or pushing me in certain directions-and who take pictures! I love that they documented all the dresses I tried on, especially the one I chose.

Lastly, have fun and try on dresses outside of your comfort zone. Even if you don't go with those styles, it's always fun to try and at least rule them out! Plus, it's a fun way to get your friends and family who come with you to get involved, let them pick an option or two for you to try on!

A situation that you faced (a negative comment, too many opinions, sizing, battling thoughts, expectations, etc)

I am a super indecisive person, so I just tried to be really self aware of that and not get into my own head. Then, the moment I found my dream dress, I immediately stopped looking at other wedding dresses.

At first sizing of the sample dresses was a bit hard to see past, but Blush has so many clips, pillows, pins etc. to help adjust the dress to your body type in the moment. Plus a ton of fun accessories to try!

We completely empathize with Kali's last statement regarding sample dress sizes and not sure how she'd be able to see past those concerns.

See our video here on how our stylists use clips and pillows to help you envision just what your dress could look like on your special day!

We can't wait to hear Kali's second interview after her wedding day! Kali, we are wishing you all the best on your special day. We can't wait to catch up with this beautiful bride-to-be after her wedding!

Are you a #brideofblush and want to share your story and/or photos with us? Reach out to us on our Instagram or Facebook to see how you can re-live your wedding day.


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