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Wedding Trends We're Currently Loving

In the bridal industry, wedding professionals know to always look about a year out from the current wedding season. Why? Because MOST couples are planning their wedding at least a year in advance. Of course, there's always room for those last minute sweethearts who are tying the knot in less than a year!

If you follow us on our Instagram, we chat all things wedding dresses on the daily; but what about trends we're seeing for aesthetic, florals, reception food and more? There isn't any perfect order as to when you choose your dress but if you have a basic understanding of your venue choice and aesthetic, you may be inspired to narrow down your wedding dress styles too!

We've done some research and chose our favorite wedding trends for 2023-2024 and we hope by sharing these trends, it will spark some creativity for you as you shop for your wedding dress!

Rustic, Natural & Sustainable

Going back to the basics-quite literally- with wedding trends showing a push toward simplistic decor-even down to dried or faux floral designs. Couples are leaning toward earthy and natural tones to create an overall natural aesthetic. This lean towards simplicity just might convey to the guests that the bride and groom don't take themselves too seriously. The result? A wedding day that feels comfy, warm and inviting.

The Dresses

Of course we couldn't write a blog without talking about our favorite topic: wedding dresses. Wanna know what we're seeing on the runways for 2023-2024 brides?

Slimmer Silhouettes

We've seen a gradual shift in our brides to simpler, sleeker and more fitted gowns and we have to say-we're loving this trend! The beauty of these simpler gowns? You can keep the style as is or accessorize to add a dramatic appeal.

Interesting Design Elements

Another interesting addition to the wedding dress runways this year? Details, details, details! From flutter sleeves, to gorgeous 3-D floral motifs and intricate beadwork, we found designers gave brides SO many options to choose from to keep their bridal style anything but ordinary.

To read more about dress trends and new arrivals, check out last mont's post "New Arrivals For 2023" and follow us on Pinterest where our latest dresses are added almost weekly!

Making It Personal

Authenticity and breaking out of expected wedding day rituals and traditions is definitely a trend we're SUPER excited about. Since the pandemic, we've seen couples opt for new and very personal ceremony and reception details. Some of our favorites include: disposable cameras for your guests to capture personal and candid photos, private first or last dances for the couple, pops of color in your bridal party and decor and non-traditional reception food like food trucks, pizza bars and more!

We say BRING ON the personal touches because after all, this day should best reflect YOU as a couple and give your guests a little peek inside what makes your love just so special and unique.

Location, Location, Location...

In the last few years, guest lists have averaged 75-150 people as couples have been more focused on intimate, comfortable and affordable! With the guest list being much more manageable, couples also have a chance to create unique weddings in some truly beautiful locations. Can you say: "destination wedding"? We're seeing an uptick on destination weddings with couples keeping the guest list to a minimum with a larger reception a few months later back at home.

If couples are staying local, wedding planners are seeing growing interest in ceremony and reception locations that have outdoor options for all seasons-think large white tents with hanging lanterns, wooden dance floors and long tables. Bonus if the venue has practical solutions if inclement weather occurs.

Be inspired by this post but remember, whatever the going "trend" is a the moment, your wedding day should always be a reflection of you as a couple. Trends will come and go but your wedding day will forever be a chapter in your own, unique story. For more specific wedding dress inspiration, go to our Instagram where we chat daily about our favorite dresses and tips and trick for the bride to be!

Let us know which trend most resonates with you!


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