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How To Know When A Wedding Dress Is "THE One"

Photo Cred: Alyssa Bunton Photography

Congratulations! You've made your bridal appointment! You're probably feeling many emotions as you prepare for this momentous day. Those emotions can range from elation to anxiety in any given moment-before and during your appointment, but that's where we come in! In today's post, we're sharing our top insider's tips on how to know when a wedding gown goes from being just a pretty dress to being THE ONE you see yourself in as you walk down the aisle and marry the love of your life!

Take a look at this quick list of helpful cues to look for when saying yes to your dress!

When You Know You Know...

  1. You see yourself in the dress. Let's not over complicate it, brides! A big indicator of knowing if the dress is "the one" is simply by taking a moment and envisioning yourself on your special day, at your gorgeous venue and taking that first look at your groom. Does the dress add to that vision or detract somehow? A little helpful tip in this category: if the dress is wearing you instead of YOU wearing the dress, it's time to keep looking until you can envision yourself getting married in it.

2. You can't stop thinking about the dress. You put on that dress and then... you try on a few more (ok maybe even a dozen more) and then a quiet, inner voice keeps nudging you to put that one dress back on again. You might even go home and sleep on it and wake up thinking about it. All signs point to that one, single, beautiful gown and until you say "yes" in that dress, you won't stop comparing all others to it! Time and time again, when you can't stop thinking about that beauty, it's a sure sign you've found the one!

3. You compare every dress to THE dress. As a follow up from our second point, it's a pretty sure sign that you've narrowed down your search when you begin comparing every dress you've tried on to THE dress you just can't get out of your mind. Each dress has something pretty but THE dress checks ALL the boxes.

4. Simply put, you LOVE it. You have worn plenty of dresses in your lifetime that you like. You have pinned many wedding dresses that you deem pretty or can even see yourself wearing. You like many of the gowns you've tried on at your bridal appointment. But when you find yourself in the dressing room and you first put on that dress that you LOVE, well, that's a whole other story. If before you even step foot out of that dressing room, you find yourself staring in awe, you may have found THE one. The biggest piece of advice we can give our brides? TRUST. YOUR. GUT. Trust that feeling before you step out onto the showroom floor and are faced with multiple opinions. What do you feel when you put on this dress? If your instinct is "I LOVE it" or "I LOVE how I feel in this dress," chances are pretty high that you know it is the dress for you!

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Photo Cred: SMJ Photography

Now that we've walked through some quick tips that will give you confidence when saying YES to your dress, let us know if you would add other ones to this list!

Brides who have said "yes", what was YOUR sign that helped you finally choose the dress of your dreams? Tell us in the comments and like always...

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