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Blush Bridal: How Do I Say Yes To The Dress?

Hello Friends!

I think the question that every bride has on her mind is, “HOW DO I KNOW WHICH DRESS IS THE ONE?!” In a sea full of beautiful ballgowns, lace embellishments, beaded straps, how is a bride able to navigate her way through to find out which dress is right for her? Here are a few things to keep in mind, from someone who has already been through the process and works in the industry.

1. Do you like lace or Beading? Ballgown or A-line? Fancy or Simple? These are some of the questions that will be asked when dress shopping. It is okay if you don’t have all the details worked out by the time you come into your appointment because in all honesty, you may dream of one style, but later find yourself purchasing something completely opposite. Come with ideas in mind to your appointment, but also be open and flexible to trying things outside your ideal dress. Who knows, your dress may be nothing like what you have pinned on your Pinterest board!

2. Know your max budget! Something that everyone needs to add into this dress budget is alterations. It is a rare occurrence that a dress will perfectly fit without needing any alterations. Most every bride will need at least a hem, a bust alteration, and a bustle added to the dress. On average, these needs can add up to $150-$350. Factor this amount into your budget, and share with your consultant what you are willing to spend on a dress.

3. Make sure that your dress reflects the theme, season, and venue of your wedding. For example, you would not want to wear a satin ballgown in the middle of July on a farm. While your dress should be a reflection of you, it also should be a reflection of your surroundings and the day's events.

4. Do not try on a hundred dresses. Wedding dress shopping can be overwhelming because it takes a lot more work to try on then you would think. I often compare wedding dress shopping to a marathon. You start out with excitement and momentum, but halfway through you start to feel tired and long for the end to be in sight. The end goal is to finish the race, or in bridal terms “to say yes to the dress.” If you are not sure what style is going to look best on you, then choose a few that you are open to trying. Once you have narrowed down what style fits you best, choose dresses that are similar in style to try on. Trying on more than ten dresses in an appointment can cause confusion and feelings of uncertainty. Go with your gut when you try on a dress and love it! Don’t be afraid to say yes right away! If you end up going to multiple stores and trying on a ton of gowns you are certain to find many you love and will make your decision that much harder!

5. There will always be another beautiful dress, whether that’s in a magazine you read, a year from now when the next batch of dresses are designed, or even when you attend your cousin’s wedding and see her dress. I’ve been married almost two years, and I cannot tell you the number of dresses that I have seen that I tell myself I could have worn to my own wedding. However, My dress was perfect for me, my venue, and the symbol of my marriage to my husband. Sure, it could have had more lace, a longer train, or more beading at the top, but that day all I could think about was how excited I was to finally be wed to the man of my dreams. The moral of the story friend, be confident in the dress you choose because that dress will be perfect for you on that day.


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