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Blush Bridal Spotlight: Jacqueline Strus

What could be more romantic than a winter wedding? The white snow, cozy candle-lined aisles, and rich, deep color palettes. Brides have so much to choose from when planning their special day in this picturesque season.

Meet Jacqueline, one of our very own "Brides of Blush," whose wedding day was taken right out of a fairytale. The crisp white snow and lush, winter evergreens at this couple's wedding venue created an idyllic backdrop for these stunning photographs. We adore her simple yet exquisite taste shown right down to the centerpices for her reception.

Below, you will discover Jacqueline's Blush Bridal journey all the way from how she chose her perfect gown to her winter-wonderland wedding! Enjoy!

1. As a bride, you have several choices in the area to find your wedding gown. What brought you to Blush Bridal?

I was looking for a location close to my parent's and bridesmaids' homes that had a large selection of dresses.

2. In a few words, can you tell us how you and your husband met?

We were friends in college since his freshman year (I was a junior). When I graduated and stayed in the area, we starting hanging out more at my apartment. After months of denial, I finally gave in because I knew he was the one!

3. How did you know which dress was the one for you?

I tried on about 5-6 dresses and the first 2 I thought were the winners. I was actually sold on one of those before the consultant brought out my dress. She told me that this is the last one you have to try on and sure enough, I was sold! I had one of the custom belts which is really what sold me because of the way it looked with the dress.

4. What was your favorite part of the wedding?

My favorite part of the wedding was just watching everything to come to reality. After all of the planning, it was so nice to see it all together!

5. Where was your wedding held?

The Lodge at Mountain Springs Lake, Reeders, PA.

6. What advice would you give brides as they are preparing for their wedding?

Plan your wedding the way YOU want it. Don't let other people influence your decisions! My husband and I made all of our decisions and we were not stressed at all!

7. What words of wisdom would you pass onto brides for their wedding day?

Don't panic! No one knows what is wrong or right!

Wedding Vendors:

Bridal Gown: Blush Bridal

Bridesmaid Gowns: Blush Bridal

Hair and Makeup: Salon in the City

Don't you just love Jacqueline and Casey's wedding story? What we love about our Brides of Blush is the opportunity to discover their unique personalities and tastes and how that unfolds into the design of their beautiful weddings.

Looking for your dream gown? You just might be the next bride to join our ever growing Blush Bridal family! We can't wait to meet you!

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