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FAQs with Blush Bridal

Hello Ladies!

We love getting to know you and serve you here at Blush Bridal!  As you may be experiencing, and as we know, wedding planning can become a little stressful at times.  When it comes to finding your dream dress, your bridesmaids' dresses, and even mother of the bride and groom dresses, we would love to alleviate any stress or worries you may have.  We’re here to help as best as we can!  We frequently receive phone calls and walk-ins with questions, which happen to be similar to those we are asked during our appointments.  We compiled the questions you’ve asked us on Instagram, Facebook, and over the phone, and included some of our frequently asked questions to hopefully answer some of yours today. 

Lets get started!

What should I expect from an appointment at Blush Bridal?

            At Blush Bridal, we strive to provide personalized service to each customer that walks through our doors.  You can expect your own personal consultant, your own dressing room and seating area, and individualized attention.  We have each of our brides fill out a questionnaire so we can better serve you and make sure we do everything we can to help you find your dream dress!  Our consultants will help you with everything from explaining how our showroom is organized, to bringing the dresses you select to your dressing room (they might even pull one or two that they think you would look great in), and they will help you to see what the dresses would look like once they are fitted correctly.  Don’t hesitate to bring pictures of your inspiration for your dress either!  

Do I need an appointment or can I walk in?

            Usually, we request that our customers make an appointment in advance, especially for weekend appointments as those days fill up quickly.  During the weekdays, we have more openings for walk-ins, but if you know your availability, it never hurts to make an appointment.  We want to ensure that you have our undivided attention during your time at Blush Bridal. 

Who should I bring to my bridal appointment?

            This is a question we are asked over and over again!  What we've noticed over the years, is that bringing 2 to 4 of the people whose opinions you value the most usually works best.  Your bridal appointment is about you, what you feel beautiful in, and what makes you feel like a bride!  Too many opinions can become overwhelming and we want to make sure that the experience is relaxing and enjoyable for you.  You can always bring your bridal party or other friends with you for your fittings, or even when you pick up your dress.     

What should I bring to my bridal appointment?

            Leave the heels at home!  We want you to be comfortable getting in and out of the dresses at your appointment, so don’t worry about your shoes just yet.  Bringing a strapless bra is helpful, but if you don’t have one, we have some at our store.  If you are planning to wear shapewear with your dress, you can bring that to your appointment if that makes you feel more comfortable. 

How far in advance should I start looking for my dress?

            If your engagement timing allows it, you may want to start looking for your dress about a year or more away to lessen the stress of the process.  If your engagement is shorter than that, then there are still options for you!  We can do a rush (which adds a small fee to your total) to make sure it gets to you with enough time to do alterations, or if your wedding falls in a shorter time period, we do have gowns you can purchase off the floor. 

            When it comes to bridesmaids dresses and mother of the bride or groom dresses, we would recommend you start looking and placing an order about 5-6 months before your wedding.  There is the option of a rush fee as well for bridesmaid and mothers' dresses if your wedding time frame is more rushed.  Feel free to stop in to Blush Bridal and pick up one of our Wedding Attire Timeline magnets!

What price range are the dresses and what size range do you carry in the store?

            Our bridal gowns range from about $700 to $2,600 and we carry sizes 8 through 26 in the store.  We are able to order dresses in any size, so don’t be afraid to come in and try on dresses that are your actual size.  We take multiple measurements to make sure your dress will fit exactly how it should! 

            For bridesmaids, our dresses range from $175 to about $350, and we carry sizes 8 through 26 as well.  We are also able to order these dresses in a variety of colors and sizes and will measure your girls to make sure the dresses fit them as they should.  We have color swatches from each of our designers, so don’t hesitate to ask to see them during your appointment. 

When should I start alterations?

            We would recommend you start the alteration process about eight to ten weeks before your wedding. Body mass fluctuates throughout the year, therefore, you want to make sure that your dress fits you just the way you want it to.  We have several seamstresses we can recommend, two of whom can meet you at our store for your convenience! However, if you purchase your dress here, you are more than welcome to take it anywhere for your alterations. 

We hope this short Q&A will help you as you plan your dream wedding! As always, please feel free to visit our website at

We can't wait to meet you and help you find your perfect dress! 

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