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Consultant Spotlight: Chelsie Pomerleau

In the second installment of our Consultant Spotlight series, we talk with another amazing member of our team, Chelsie! We learn Chelsie's favorite part about being a consultant and her advice for brides when they're looking for their dream gowns. Enjoy!

1. How long have you been working with Blush Bridal?

I've been working with Blush Bridal for about 10 months!

2. What is your favorite part about being a consultant?

My favorite part about being a consultant is getting to know brides so well that I feel like we have been friends forever. It is so great to get to know them personally and see the look on their faces when they put on the dress that they have always dreamed of. It is great to see how unique and different everyone's taste is!

3. What is the best piece of advice you like to tell your brides?

I would say that my best piece of advice for a bride is to find something that YOU feel beautiful in. Don't overthink it. Sometimes you will end up loving something that is totally opposite of what you had originally envisioned, and that is okay! 4. What, to you, sets Blush Bridal apart from other bridal stores?

What sets Blush Bridal apart from other stores is that every single consultant and staff member cares so deeply about giving the bride an amazing experience! Behind everything that we do, we have the best interest of the bride in mind. We want to help carry some of the weight of wedding planning by helping the bride have the smoothest process possible! Being that we are a small store, we are like one big family with the common goal to serve our brides however we can.

5. Currently, which bridal gown in our store is your favorite?

My favorite dress is actually the dress that I wore for my own wedding, which I found here at Blush Bridal. It was simple,romantic, and comfortable- perfect for my September wedding!

To read a more detailed interview about Chelsie's wedding day, hop over to our post, "Blush Bridal Spotlight: Chelsie Pomerleau"

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