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Blush Bridal Spotlight: Cassie Ortenzio

New Year. New Brides. We are going to be bringing you a brand new batch of #weddinginspo through our favorite blog posts, "Blush Bridal Spotlight," where we feature a fun Q&A with our #bridesofblush. We LOVE getting to hear how our brides met their grooms, their wedding gown experience with us and how each bride brings her own personal style and personality to her wedding day! On the first installment for 2020, we talk with Cassie who shares her special day with us and a few extra special ways she made her wedding day meaningful and so uniquely HER! We know you'll love reading her and Bryan's love story!

1. In a few words, can you tell us how you and your husband met?

My husband Bryan and I met on Halloween at a pub in Manayunk. I was dressed as Rapunzel and he was dressed as the WWE wrestler, Ric Flair. I saw him walk in the bar and immediately beckoned him over. We had an instant connection and spent the rest of the night laughing, talking, and having fun. From there it's history!

2. As a bride, you have several choices in the area to find your wedding gown. What brought you to Blush Bridal?

(Cassie chose her darling reception dress at Blush Bridal)

I actually lived very close to Blush Bridal! Every time I would go grocery shopping I would look into the window at all the beautiful dresses. It took me a long time to finally go into the shop because I had already had a wedding gown at that point. When I determined that I wanted a second dress I knew I had to go to the store that I drove past every day for months.

3. How did you know which dress was the one for you?

I was looking for a fun short dress to easily dance in and show off my amazing blue shoes! There were several dress options I was drawn to, but I saw the beautiful ball gown hanging up and I knew that it would look amazing for the second dress, if only it was shorter. I made a call to a family friend who is a seamstress. She put all her projects aside and went to work altering the dress to my exact vision.

4.What was your favorite part of the wedding? Is it even possible to pick just one thing?! Marrying the man of my dreams was of course the best part of the day. It is amazing feeling to put in so many hours of hard work go into planning a wedding, and seeing your vision of everything come together. From the decor to the music, when it all comes together it is truly an indescribable feeling.

5. Where was your wedding held? We decided to get married at The Water Works by Cescaphe. Because my husband and I met and fell in love in Philadelphia we knew that we wanted to get married in the city. Every time we drove by The Art Museum, The Water Works, and Boat House Row I would always say how beautiful it was there, and that it was my favorite place in the city. After seeing another venue we knew wasn't the right fit, we drove by again. My husband did some research and determined that it was in fact available as a wedding venue. We could not have been more excited to get married in this beautiful place.

6. Tell us about the inspiration for your flowers, decor, or any other fun details!

I would say my main inspiration for the wedding was that I wanted everything to still look tasteful years down the road. I wanted more of a classic look that wouldn't go out of style. I didn't want to look back at my pictures one day and say, "What was I thinking when I picked that color? Or that dress?" My husband was happy with anything which made it easy to choose colors. I absolutely loved the look of green, white, and gray with gold accents. White lilies are my favorite flower so I asked beautiful blooms to incorporate them in the arch and my bouquet. And as for my favorite fun detail, the shoes! I stumbled upon a picture of the shoes on a Pinterest board. I never really thought much of my wedding shoes because I knew they would be hidden under my dress, but there I was every day visiting the website to look at those shoes. I've always loved Elvis, so the idea of Blue Suede Shoes as my "something blue" for the wedding day was so enticing. My bridesmaids all told me I had to get them, but it was my sister/maid of honor who offered to buy them for me. It was such a special gift and because they were so fantastic, I had to get a second dress to show them off to the world!

7. What advice would you give brides as they are preparing for their wedding?

While it is inevitably stressful planning a wedding, and it's ok to be stressed, do not let anything stress you out the day of the wedding. There were some things that weren't exactly what I had wanted and little things that went wrong the day of the wedding. Just let it roll off your shoulders, be present, and enjoy every moment of the day.

Cassie + Bryan's Vendor Team:

Reception Dress: Blush Bridal

Cinematographer: Brian Shaub

Event Group: Cescaphe

Seamstress: Michelle Moore (@deschellellc)

Hair/Makeup: Refeyeance

String Quartet: Miss Musique (missmus1que)

DJ: Ambient DJ - Specifically Mike Bacon (@djironmikenj)

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