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Bride of Blush Spotlight: Shannon Ulysee

Wedding season has looked a little different over this last year and a half. What hasn't changed is how we celebrate our beautiful brides. That being said, we thought it only fitting that we share some #weddinginspo from one of our 2020 #bridesofblush bringing back our special interview series- Bride of Blush Spotlight.

This interview is particularly special because this sweet couple endured one of THE hardest wedding seasons in recent history!

Shannon + Fitz's love story is oh-so-sweet and you will DIE over their beautifully, dreamy wedding photos... be sure to take a look at the bride's ball dramatic Moonlight Bridal ball gown!

1. In a few words, can you tell us how you and your husband met?

In 2013, the two lovebirds were introduced through a mutual friend and everything was history from that moment on. Fritz and Shannon started off as long distance lovers, occasionally met at church events and went on local outings. The love they had for each other grew fond and there was never a dull moment. From the never ending phone calls to the virtual date nights, they continued to fall more in love with each other each day. On August 2,2020 Fritz and Shannon made the commitment to spend forever together in front of their family members and friends. #ForeverUlysse

2. As a bride, you have several choices in the area to find your wedding gown.

What brought you to Blush Bridal?

As I was looking for my dress, it was important that I had the support that I needed. Blush Bridal had the reputation for carrying the most sophisticated dresses in the area and its service was excellent. One thing that I admired about Blush Bridal the most, was its support for all COVID brides. It’s hard enough living through and pandemic while planning a wedding. They kept me updated all throughout the process and it really helped ease my anxiety.

3. How did you know which dress was the one for you?

The moment I saw the dress, I knew it was the one. I tried it on for the first time and completely fell in love. It was my “wow” moment and I didn’t hesitate to move forward. I’m not sure how to explain it, but you just know when the dress is “the one”. The reaction and feeling is something you will have never experienced. I literally got goosebumps, didn’t want to take it off and couldn’t wait until my husband seen it for the first time while walking down the aisle to forever. The dress was perfect and I couldn’t have chosen a better dress for my special day!

4. What was your favorite part of the wedding?

My favorite part of the wedding was walking down the aisle and seeing my husband’s reaction. It was truly an unforgettable moment.

5. Where was your wedding held?

My wedding was held at the The Waterfall in Claymont, DE.

6. Tell us about the inspiration for your flowers, decor, or any other fun details!

I really wanted my wedding to be simple, but sophisticated. Flowers and candles were a must and I can say my designer @SimplyFloras delivered. The centerpieces and the arch at the alter were breathtaking.

7. What advice would you give brides as they are preparing for their wedding?

I recommend networking with other brides and starting the planning process as early as possible. Get a feel for what you want. Never allow the opinions of others discourage you from getting what you really want. Remember, its your day. Also, be prepared for a thing or two to go wrong during your special day but remember no one will ever notice. Lastly, create a team of close family members and/or friends to support you during the process and on your special day. Don’t be afraid to delegate!

Thank you, Shannon, for sharing your beautiful day with us! If you are a #brideofblush and want to share you love story and wedding day with us, email our marketing team at!

Photography: Love Fusion Photography Florist & Decor: @simply_floras (Brittani Truitt) MUA: @jvglamour @the_glamistry (Jasmine Vaughn) Venue: The Waterfall Dress: Moonlight Bridal


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