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Wedding Dress Spotlight: Fall Wedding Trends We're Crushing On

In the wedding industry, we're always looking ahead. Looking ahead to our next season, looking ahead at our new brides and looking ahead at new wedding dress trends that are sure to become fast favorites among our clientele. Now that we're officially in the last month of summer, we thought it only fitting to highlight our favorite fall-inspired gowns for 2021 and 2022. Most brides who are shopping now for their dream dress will be planning their late summer, fall or winter 2022 wedding. With that said, let's take a look at a few of Blush's recommendations for the autumn bride.

  1. The Long Sleeve Gown. This modern twist on a timeless classic has been growing in popularity among our brides-to-be. Why do brides love this choice? It's romantic with a touch of traditional without being too stuffy. Below are a few of our favorites from our Pinterest page and styled shoots we think you'll fall for.

2. The Dramatic Ball Gown. When the weather starts to change and the leaves begin to fall, we love when a bride comes in with a vision of lush, deep colors and a gown that will transport her to a magical fairytale-cue the ball gown with it's wonderful layers and dimensions. Take a look at a few of our suggestions from our Pinterest page!

3. The Versatile Wedding Dress. Whether you're planning a wedding at a formal venue or packing your dream dress away for a destination wedding, these choices below are for the simple, elegant bride. These are great year round options but we included ones specific for a fall bride. Take a look at the following also taken from our Pinterest page!

Tell us in the comments- which dream dress would you choose for your special day? We'd love to hear from you!

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