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Blush Bridal Spotlight: Chelsie Pomerleau

Here at Blush Bridal, we love celebrating our beautiful brides on our blog! This week we are not only featuring one of our blushing brides, but one of our very own bridal consultants! Chelsie has worked with us since March and has been a wonderful addition to our team. Being a bridal consultant, Chelsie has a unique familiarity with our gowns, but her experience was just as special as that of our other brides when it came to finding her dress. From having her “saying yes to the dress” moment, to having her nine bridesmaids order their dresses from Blush Bridal, Chelsie had an experience that many of our brides could connect with.

From the beginning of her wedding day to the very end, Chelsie was the most down to earth bride, eagerly waiting to say "I do"! Her wedding had some very special behind-the-scenes touches that made the day extra special and sentimental. Chelsie's mother made all of the floral arrangements for the bridesmaids, decorations, and centerpieces, as well as lining the aisle with handmade wooden boxes of babies breath flowers. To add an even more sentimental touch, fastened into Chelsie's bouquet, were the rings of her late father and grandmother. Throughout the ceremony, you could catch little glimpses of Chelsie and her husband Spencer peeking at one another, realizing that the moment they had been waiting for was actually happening. Their love was so evident, as well as how much they wanted to share this special occasion with their loved ones. Here's a little look into their special day!

Tell us your love story.

Spencer and I met during our first year of college! We didn’t really know each other, and one day we got together with our mutual friends to go swimming. We ended up making a bet with each other to see who could stay in the cold water the longest, which resulted in us staying in the freezing cold water together for over two hours. We were talking, laughing, and each refusing to lose the bet. From there, we got to know each other really well through our friend group and continued to all hang out together. That spiraled into us dating for three years, getting engaged, and eventually getting married!! He proposed at Disney (my favorite place in the entire world) at the end of the night. We were walking down the main street of Magic Kingdom and decided to just stop and take it all in. After talking and laughing with each other, he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. It was the best surprise ever!

Being one of our bridal consultants, what was your experience like finding your dress?

As a Consultant at Blush Bridal, it was really awesome to find my dress there! I was actually working with a bride one day when I looked across the store and saw another consultant helping a bride. I fell in love with the dress that was on her and thought “I have to try that on!” I had seen it on the hanger before but I couldn’t stop thinking about it after I had seen it on this bride. I told my manager about it later (she knew I was looking for a dress) and set up a time where I could try the dress on. It was just me, alone in the dressing room, and the second I put it on, I knew it was my dress! From there, the whole experience went so smoothly. I got my dress, all of my bridesmaids’ dresses, and my mother’s dress at the store. EVERYONE found something that they loved and we were all so pleased with how smoothly it all went.

What is your favorite part about working with our brides?

My favorite part about working with our brides is getting to know them all personally and hearing their stories! There is nothing like walking away from an appointment feeling like you made a best friend, which happens all the time! Helping clients find a dress that makes them comfortable, happy, and that makes them feel like a bride is a really special experience. Seeing the look on their face when they put on a dress that fits what they've always dreamed of is a feeling like none other! I love being a part of those special moments.

How did you pick your beautiful venue and vendors?

Picking a venue was probably the hardest part of the wedding planning process for me! I had looked, and looked but everything was either too pricey, too far away, or not my style. I wanted something a little different than the traditional church or barn wedding. I also wanted a big space that was open and free for people to dance, take pictures, talk, play games, or just hang out. My mom had actually done some research and suggested the venue that I had chosen. It was a good price, in my hometown area, and it was the industrial/rustic style that I was looking for. After calling and getting some information, I booked it!

The rest of my vendors were relatively easy because I had heard about them or talked to other clients that loved them. I basically booked everything around my DJ (Houserockers DJ with Jamie Simpson) because I knew that he was phenomenal, as well as my photographer (Ashley Biltz) because her photography was everything I had ever wanted and more. From there on, everything fell into place!

Tell us about the inspiration for your decor, flowers, lighting, color choices, and the other fun details!

The inspiration for my decor was pretty easy because I have a very specific style. I LOVE lights so I knew that I wanted a romantic feel with tons of hanging Edison bulbs and some rustic decor to go along with it. I love babies breath flowers, candles, and string lights, so I told the team that was helping me decorate that as long as I had those three elements, I would be pleased! They absolutely blew it out of the water and made it my dream wedding! I also really wanted the guests to have entertainment that they would remember, so we booked Classic Memories Photo Booth so that the guests could leave with unlimited pictures to capture the night with their loved ones! This way they could always hold onto the silly, fun, beautiful memories that they created that night.

What was your favorite part of your wedding day?

My favorite part of my wedding day was walking down the aisle to see my husband standing at the other end, teary eyed and so excited! That moment was one that I will never forget and cherish forever. I also just loved having all of the people who I love so much in one place to celebrate with us.

What advice or words of wisdom would you give to other brides who are preparing for their wedding day?

I would tell brides to always remember that this is YOUR wedding day and that you can make it whatever you want. But also, don’t get bogged down by the details. You are about to marry the love of your life. Those six hours fly by, but your marriage lasts a lifetime - and that is a really amazing feeling!

Wedding Vendors

Bridesmaids & Mother of the Bride Dresses: Blush Bridal

Hair: Classique Hair Design

Bridal Bouquet: Flowers 'n Bows

Wedding Signs: Grace Cruz

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