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Blush Bridal Consultant Spotlight: Grace Cruz

We're taking a break from sharing our "Brides of Blush" spotlights to shine a light on what is behind Blush Bridal's success! We'd be LOST without our amazing, highly talented and creative team of bridal consultants. Today, we talk with lovely Grace Cruz as she tells us some of her favorite parts about being a consultant and some wedding gown advice you don't want to miss! We LOVE our Blush Bridal team!

How long have you been working at Blush Bridal?

I have been working at Blush Bridal for over one year now and it has been such a great experience! I feel like I have known some of my coworkers for much longer than I actually have, and I really wish I had!

What is your favorite part about being a consultant?

My favorite part about being a consultant at Blush Bridal is meeting all of our brides and those they bring with them! I love meeting new people and building those relationships while hearing their stories, so being a consultant is so much fun! There is something really special about working with people as they prepare for one of the most exciting seasons of life!

What is the best piece of advice you like to tell your brides?

One of the best pieces of advice that I can give to my brides is that this is their day and their dress. Many brides bring family or friends who all have opinions, but the most important opinion is that of the bride. At the end of the day, it's their wedding and it should be everything they ever imagined and more, so I always remind my brides of that. I want them to feel beautiful and like what they have always dreamed of when they look forward to the big day. Most of all, I really want my brides to remember that the dress is not what makes them beautiful, but that they are already beautiful! We do have a gorgeous selection of dresses, but the dress is just another addition to make that significant day just a little more special.

What, to you, sets Blush Bridal apart from other bridal stores?

Something that I think sets Blush Bridal apart from other bridal shops is the aspect of intentionality. From the minute someone walks through the doors, to the minute they walk back out, they are treated with respect and with care. Many brides tell me how pleasantly surprised they are that I ask them about their love story, but also take the time to listen to them and hear their story beyond the love story. Time and time again, we have received such positive feedback about the experience brides and their guests experience at our store, and I truly believe that is because of the intentionality and genuineness that they experience.

Currently, which bridal gown in our store is your favorite?

Oh goodness, I honestly have so many favorites! One of my favorites is this super soft and classy crepe dress from Christina Wu’s exclusive line, Jacquelin. This dress is so incredibly soft and stretchy and has just enough sparkle to make the more low-key brides feel like they have enough bling to set them apart.

Another one of my favorites is a Jacquelin bridal gown which is ivory and light gold. It has an incredible soft fit and flare silhouette and the lace details are to die for. The back is also one of my favorites! It has an illusion panel with lace appliqués for a sweet, yet sexy touch!

See Grace's favorite gowns below!

We are confident that whoever has the pleasure of working with you at Blush Bridal, you will have a special and memorable experience. We can't wait to meet you and welcome you into the ever-growing #bridesofblush family!

Christina Wu. Jacquelin.
Christina Wu. Jacquelin.

Gown 2. Christina Wu. Jacquelin.
Gown 2. Christina Wu. Jacquelin

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