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Bridal Appointment Tips From A Consultant's POV

A few months back we shared a post about bridal appointment tips from one of our very own bride's point of view. Read it here! This topic really resonated with our brides so we decided to do something EXTRA special! We're letting you in on a little insider's secret-this time straight from our very own bridal consultants' POV.

Ready to find out how you can have the most comfortable, confident and FUN bridal appointment? Scroll down and read some helpful tips from our team.

a wedding ballgown on a mannequin

A Consultant's POV For When You're Feeling Overwhelmed...

"I ask them to picture themselves at their venue.... picture themselves walking down the aisle to their fiancé... What do they want their wedding photos to look like in 20 years?

I try to help create more of a picture in the bride's mind where she can insert herself in a dress-- INTO that picture....kind of like playing 'paper-dolls' in her mind."

-Summer, Blush Bridal Consultant/Manager

up close photo of wedding dresses

"It's ok to not like a dress or certain elements of a dress! Sometimes I think brides will offend me if they say they don't like something so they never tell me. It's important to tell your consultant what you do and what you don't like about dresses so that we can help narrow it down and pick dresses that you do like."

-Elizabeth, Blush Bridal Consultant

a model wearing a floral wedding dress

Our Consultants Say: "It's Ok To Say 'No'"..

"It's ok to say no. It's ok to take time and think. And it's also ok for you to say 'I don't like this dress, but I don't know why.' Not every bride will have tears when they find their gown. And you might not have 100% agreement with everyone in your party." -Summer, Blush Bridal Consultant/Manager

racks with wedding dresses hanging

It's Not Like TV...

"It's not TV. Not every bride cries or gets emotional. It's OK. If you don't cry, that's normal. Some brides do and that's great! But if you don't cry there is NOTHING wrong with YOU or the dress. It's OK! It shouldn't be stressful. It should be an exciting time and an exciting moment! Don't put pressure on yourself to make it into a TV moment. We are here for the brides! We are team bride. "

-Elizabeth, Blush Bridal Consultant


"It's hard to know what to expect going into a store, when all you've seen for dresses is Pinterest and Say Yes to The Dress. Wedding dresses have gotten more expensive and I think it's tricky for brides to know what is realistic. Stylistically, each style is going to require a different budget. Something beaded and sparkly is going to cost more than a simple a-line. Fabrics, details, and shape are all going to be factors in your budget." -Cienna, Blush Bridal Consultant

dressing room in bridal boutique

We hope you enjoyed reading our expert tips!

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