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Blush Bridal Spotlight: Erin Zuleta

1. As a bride, you have several choices in the area to find your wedding gown. What brought you to Blush Bridal? The wonderful reviews! I was just beginning looking for shops when I came across Blush Bridal’s page online. I read so many glowing reviews and positive feedback about the shop that I called instantly to make my appointment!

2. In a few words, can you tell us how you and your husband met?

Jeisson and I met while working at the same restaurant. We actually worked together for two years before we even spoke to each other! Once we started talking though, there was no looking back. We started dating and three months later, he left for basic military training with the Air Force. We did long distance for over two and a half years before saying “I do!”

3. How did you know which dress was the one for you? I had pulled and tried on several dresses in my price range that I liked, but wasn’t convinced I had found the one. Alissa said there was one she thought I would like and pulled it from the rack for me. It was hundreds under my budget and was exactly what I had envisioned for my wedding day! 4.What was your favorite part of the wedding? One of my favorite parts our our wedding day was right before the ceremony. We did not want to see each other before I walked down the aisle, but still wanted to have some kind of special moment together. We met under a tree and exchanged letters that we had written to each other. Handwritten letters had a special significance to us because it was our main form of communication when he was away!

5.Where was your wedding held? Our ceremony and reception were both held at the Smoker Farm in New Providence, PA.

6. What advice would you give brides as they are preparing for their wedding? Take it one day at a time and do what you want! Don’t feel pressured to do everything that is trendy or in just because you feel like you have to! Talk with your soon-to-be husband and discuss what you both really want for your big day.

7. What words of wisdom would you pass onto brides for their wedding day? Have a day-of coordinator and don’t let the small details stress you out. It’s okay if everything isn’t perfect or doesn’t go as planned. At the end of the day, you’ll still be married to your best friend!

Wedding Gown: Blush Bridal Venue: Smoker Farm Caterer: Smoker Farm

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