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Consultant Spotlight: Danielle Boyer

Over the next few weeks, Blush Bridal will be proudly sharing a special "Consultant Spotlight" series with our amazing team of bridal consultants! Blush Bridal's success is largely due to this specially selected group of talented women! We'd love our #bridesofblush to get to know more about us and the heart and soul behind Blush Bridal! Enjoy this first Consultant Spotlight with Danielle Boyer!

1. How long have you been working at Blush Bridal? I have been working at Blush for a little over a year now! 2. What is your favorite part about being a consultant? My favorite part is getting to interact with the brides and getting to see their first reaction to a dress when they put it on. Seeing their faces light up when they try on a dress they love and when we open the curtains and their family members start crying gives me all the feels. I’m an emotional person so you better believe I’m tearing up with them! 3. What is the best piece of advice you like to tell your brides? Try not to over think it and really take in the moment. There’s no right or wrong dress so choose what you feel the most beautiful in. It’s ok if the dress you choose isn’t what you thought you would initially like. 4. What, to you, sets Blush Bridal apart from other bridal stores? We are one big family here. Not just as employees but with our brides and their families as well. The owners and all of the girls who work here are so personable and truly care about our brides. I think the connections we make with our brides and their loved ones is very valuable. 5. Currently, which bridal gown in our store is your favorite?

My favorite dress is a Jacqueline off the shoulder dress. I love the floral appliqué and the color of the dress and I love the romantic feel it gives.

*To make an appointment, call us at 717-367-4446 or visit our website at!

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